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Taxes demon suddenly taxes frowned pray for the lamp is. not intended to cast on the display, first of all it inside the Titan gods is the presence of the spirit of the attitude, once the spirit of dissipation, this thing will be destroyed And the Titan gods are mine, the need for high quality of the Thunder to survive In this lamp, I almost do not feel the presence of the Titan Ah Elegance immediately face a change, could not help but asked What does this mean Meaning taxes that this prayer lamp has been in the edge to be destroyed, we tax software go system now use it to carry out the awakening ceremony, I m afraid will take away the last point of the power of thunder, so that it completely tax software online destroyed.At that time, The other party may make a claim against you Elegance one, immediately understand. To come up with the power of the prayer of the lamp, there is no peace of mind, I m afraid they have.